A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition)

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The Law Of Change

Espero que o Natal tenha sido bom. Caro Dornicke. ThiagoRuiz msg 15h18min de 1 de fevereiro de UTC. Infelizmente chegamos a esse ponto. Espero que um dia melhore. Caro Dornicke, tudo bem? Espero que sim. Quero dizer que considero seu voto contra e procurarei melhorar ainda mais. Podes dar uma olhada, por favor, no artigo Quim Alcantara? Obrigado, Lechatjaune msg 17h33min de 24 de fevereiro de UTC.

Eheheh Dornicke, sabes que eu tive mesmo quase para propor esse quadro do Amadeu de Sousa Cardoso, mas tive algum receio que fosse interpretado como puxando a sardinha a Portugal. Se concordas com ele, acho excelente. Se puder opinar no que falei, acerca de a gente ir colocando ocultos os coments parciais Ano eleitoral, cuidado redobrado. Deu pra entender agora? Fala, Dornicke Deixa eu ver Ficou excelente. A descriptive, longitudinal study was conducted, based on systematic single case study procedure.

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The participants were an eight-year-old girl and her therapist who became pregnant during treatment. Forty psychotherapeutic sessions were analyzed through Child Psychotherapy Q-Set procedure. The results demonstrated that the therapist has adopted a less neutral stance, used less limits, and breaks and pauses in treatment were increasingly discussed. Participaram uma menina de oito anos de idade e sua terapeuta que engravidou durante o tratamento. Fernanda Munhoz Driemeier Schmidt. Marina Bento Gastaud. This is a quantitative cross-sectional study with a correlational design and multivariate data analysis.

The participants responded to satisfaction scales and sociodemographic questionnaires. The results indicate that the following variables predicted the level of satisfaction: age at onset of psychiatric disorder; being supported by the professionals; receiving information about treatment; level of education; and years of work in mental health services.

A produção do currículo do final da vida por meio do dispositivo pedagógico da mídia

Marina Bandeira. Daniela Carine Ramires de Oliveira. Learning by Exclusion in Toddlers. However, the learning of these relations can depend on a variety of factors, such as age, vocabulary size and amount of exposure to the emerging relation.

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  • The present study assessed learning by exclusion in children aged between 16 and 24 months, using learning probes with and without mask that required either selection or rejection topographies. Familiar word-object conditional discriminations were taught to compose the baseline. Exclusion, learning, and control probes were used to test emergence, learning, and control by novelty in name-referent relations.

    Participants responded by exclusion but did not demonstrate consistent learning across all probes. Best performance occurred in learning probes that required control by selection. In the rejection probes, the participants consistently selected the novel stimulus. These results suggest that the type of probe used influences observed performance.

    Este resultado sugere que o tipo de sonda utilizado afeta o desempenho observado. Leylanne Martins Ribeiro de Souza.

    DEFESA DE TESE- UFBA by Cláudio Gonçalves Gomes on Prezi

    Maria Stella Coutinho de Alcantara Gil. Lucas Tadeu Garcia. In addition to the influence of mental health benefits, the frequency of involvement in pleasant activities is also affected by the level of functional dependence and socioeconomic conditions of the elderly. The objective of this study was to investigate relationships between scores of the Brazilian version of an instrument to evaluate the involvement of the elderly in pleasant events OPPES-BR and depressive symptoms, functional dependence and socio-demographic variables, to verify the external validity of the OPPES-BR.

    The frequency of involvement in potentially pleasant activities was negatively correlated with depressive symptoms, functional dependence and less favorable socio-demographic conditions, suggesting evidence for the external validity of the OPPES-BR. La muestra fue compuesta por ancianos no institucionalizados y sin compromiso cognitivo. Elizabeth Joan Barham. Despite its severity, SBS can be prevented through parent training.

    This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a brief intervention to increase knowledge on SBS with parents. The intervention consisted of exhibition of an educational video and reading a pamphlet on SBS. To measure parental knowledge, the Attitudes towards the Infant Crying Scale was used.

    Os participantes foram divididos aleatoriamente em dois grupos: Experimental e Controle de Espera. Los participantes fueron divididos aleatoriamente en dos grupos: Grupo experimental y Grupo de control de espera. Nahara Rodrigues Laterza Lopes. Victor Oliver Mattar. Marcela Bortolini, Cesar Augusto Piccinini. The attachment behaviors of the child were investigated by Attachment Q-Sort. La experiencia de las madres con los propios cuidadores fue investigada por medio de sus percepciones sobre los cuidados recibidos de sus cuidadores Parental Bonding Instrument , y por las representaciones de apego Attachment Script Assessment.

    Marcela Bortolini. Cesar Augusto Piccinini.

    This research is focused on building a scale that measures the learning strategies used by teachers and the ones they observe being practiced by their students, either adopting classical media technologies or the internet, besides pursuing evidence of internal consistency for such scale. Altogether, teachers from Parana and Mato Grosso do Sul states in Brazil participated in the research.

    The first stage was focused on preparing the questions, and the second on the search for evidence of internal consistency for the Learning Strategies Used and Observed by Teachers LSUOT scale. The results revealed the reliability of the tool by internal structural analysis, showing its psychometric properties. It is safe to consider that the results can make contributions to teachers in the utilization and teaching of strategies that make the learning process in this current digital society easier.

    Andrea Carvalho Beluce. Katya Luciane Oliveira. The results show moderate differences between the estimates of the participants that received version A and those that received version B.

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    The results are discussed considering the importance of a set of student characteristics for the way teachers develop estimates about student performance. Renato Gomes Carvalho. Carolina Castro Abreu.

    Table of contents

    A total of children and their teachers from the public schools participated in the study, who answered questionnaires and participated in a semi-structured interview. Correlation and regression statistical analysis were performed. Behavior problems and social skills presented predictive values among preschoolers.

    The aforementioned variables, together with positive and negative educational practices, presented predictive values among school children. Conclui-se que professores podem atuar como fator protetivo ao desenvolvimento infantil, o que requer planejamento. Para preescolares, las quejas de problemas y las habilidades sociales presentaron valores predictivos. Se concluye que profesores pueden actuar como factor protector al desarrollo, lo que demanda planeamiento.

    Alessandra Turini Bolsoni Silva. This study aimed to evaluate the influence of social skills and perception of school stressors of students as predictors of academic achievement in the transition to the 6th grade of the MS. The marketplace, however, is not static. It is a constant hive of activity and change, and by not initiating change you may easily fall behind. So too in our relationships with our friends, children, parents, spouses or co-workers; all are in the process of becoming something else.

    Through using the dynamics of choice we can choose to deepen and enrich the relationships that are important to us. The win-win is baked in. In order to be effective, I believe arts-based community development needs to be about authentic relationships where both the arts and the community development sides of the partnership have something to learn. This work should be the work that we do together because we cannot do it alone: to build places that are equitable and healthy, community developers, artists, and community members must build deep and lasting relationships.

    For community developers—people who work on issues like affordable housing, small business support and the health, safety and economic opportunity of neighborhoods--working with artists means new tools and strategies to help them achieve their goals. Artists can bring a sense of transformational possibility and often have the ability to attract people and attention and dollars to issues and opportunities in new ways.


    Estudos em Comunicação #2 - Dezembro 2007

    For our partners in the community development sector one of the most persistent challenges is community engagement and input. Some of the most exciting and effective projects for these partners are creative projects that engage residents in providing feedback, input or engaging them in imagining the future of their community in positive productive ways. Often residents are also concerned about what new affordable housing will mean for their neighborhood.

    Along with other artists from the community, Oskar designed projects that invited neighbors onto the future site of their new development in St. Paul, Minnesota, which will include new units of housing, retail, and public plaza space. There is a great video about the project here where you can learn more and hear from the artists in their own words. For artists working within the community development field can mean new context and meaning for our work--a way to use our existing skills in service of our own neighborhood and community.

    For artists I think this work presents an opportunity to reknit our work into the fabric of our communities. To make our work accessible and relevant to the every day lives of our neighbors. Free download.

    A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition) A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition)
    A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition) A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition)
    A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition) A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition)
    A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition) A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition)
    A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition) A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition)
    A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition) A boa escola no discurso da mídia (Portuguese Edition)

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