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Merlin Athrawes , angered over his inability to protect him, gives General Koryn Gahrvai the necessary hints to find and arrest the murderers, exposing their secret headquarters in a Schuelerite monastery within the city's walls. The priests are convicted of torture and murder, and hanged publicly. Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn finally moves against the secret reformist movement known as the Circle ; almost a tenth of the entire vicarate , including Samyl and Hauwerd Wylsynn , as well as dozens of bishops and archbishops, are purged along with their families and staff.

However, a small group, including the majority of the Wylsynn family, manages to leave Zion and make its way to Charis, thanks to careful planning from Ahnzhelyk Phonda and a little help from the seijin Ahbraim Zhevons. Realizing the advantages, Merlin begins to create his own mythology of an entire order of seijins working all around the world.

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Meanwhile, the Church has built a huge galleon fleet to destroy the Charisians and invade Charis. This fleet is concentrated in three different groups: the first is located in the Gulf of Dohlar , in Dohlar and South Harchong.

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  8. The second consists of galleons built in the Desnairian Empire. The third and final group is composed by warships from the Temple Lands and Northern Harchong. To harass the building and training schedule of these Church fleets, and prevent their joining forces, Cayleb sends one fleet to the Kingdom of Tarot and another one to the Gulf of Dohlar. Eventually, the Imperial Charisian Navy and the Royal Dohlaran Navy face off in the Battle of Dragon Island , with the Dohlarans performing much better than expected, even though they do lose one war galleon and a convoy.

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    Emperor Cayleb and his advisors begin to realize that Admiral Lywys Gardynyr , Earl of Thirsk , is growing into a dangerous adversary. Some time after their return to Tellesberg , Sharleyan gives birth to Alahnah Zhanayt Naimu Ahrmahk , Crown Princess of the Charisian Empire, much to the rejoice of her husband, her friends, and her people.

    With some help from Merlin, Lord Anvil Rock and his son are able to uncover a conspiracy to take back Corisande by a number of Northern-Corisandian nobles. As no surprise to anyone, the Grand Duke of Zebediah is also involved with the conspirators, supplying them with modern weapons for their planned uprising. The plot is foiled, and all those responsible are imprisoned, awaiting trial for treason. While Charis hastens the final development of explosive shells to equip the smoothbore cannons arming its warships, the fleet sent to the Gulf of Dohlar is heavily defeated by Admiral Thirsk.

    The second fleet, based off Tarot, has managed to put pressure successfully on both Tarot and Desnair, isolating the first from mainland help and forcing the second Church fleet to stay in port. The third Church force, including the first units of the newly formed Navy of God , sails away from the Temple Lands and Northern Harchong before the onset of winter, with semaphore orders to head west for the Gulf of Dohlar. It fizzes with bold hypotheses and subtle allusions.

    A heroic feat of scholarship. Recommended for you. Stalin's Daughter by Rosemary Sullivan.

    INCENTIVE IDEA: A mighty fortress in the sea

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    A Mighty Fortress A Mighty Fortress
    A Mighty Fortress A Mighty Fortress
    A Mighty Fortress A Mighty Fortress
    A Mighty Fortress A Mighty Fortress
    A Mighty Fortress A Mighty Fortress
    A Mighty Fortress A Mighty Fortress

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