Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)

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In he was awarded the Prix de Rome and could stay as resident in the Villa Medici. In he was nominated for the Flemish Culture Prize. In , he presented a majoro solo exhibition of monumental bronzes in the culpture park of the Middelheimmuseum in Antwerp.

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Adding to his statelessness, he spent two years at the Villa Medici in Rome in , then three years in as an artist in residence at the Bass Museum of Art Miami Beach. There, he went on to develop a series of sandstone and porcelain sculptures entitled "Vagues "waves" or Odore di Femmina". Reviving forgotten techniques, such as the use of wood kilns, Creten thrived and his concepts blossomed into unexpected shapes.


There are very few sculptors who have grasped, with so much relevance, the plasticity of Ceramics. An essential paradox, formal and narrative all at once, permeates Creten's work: a very powerful baroque treatment applied to classical shapes. In his early work, crude, popular imagery coexisted with an astonishingly beautiful and refined sensuality.

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In art as in man, Eros and Thanatos mingle in complex ways. Not only are "mould" and "mussel" homophonous in French, but "moule" also means "cunt", and when Broodthaers referenced Belgium's favorite shellfish, he also evoked the female sex organ, the origin of the world. The "Odore di Femmina" are either reliefs, either classical female busts with a pastillage of rose petals, fruits or seaweed instead of mussels.

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All kinds of metonymies come subtly into play, so as to evoke the woman through her perfume, the perfume through the flower and, lastly, the sex through the thousands of vulvar excrescences enshrouding her body. These female sandstone busts are reminiscent of antique Venus Anadyomene "Venus rising from the sea" , with measurements corresponding to Hellenistic models. These "Odore di Femmina" take us back to the bacchantes, and to Ophelia as portrayed by 19th century symbolist painting.

Marine life, the sea as mother, are central to Creten's "Vagues" series, with their impressive, truly monumental tentacle-like convolutions reminiscent of sea monsters and leviathans. Please try again later or use one of the other support options on this page.


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Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition) Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)
Bloody Miami (PAVILLONS) (French Edition)

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