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Absolutely worth every cent!!!! Invited yesterday on the Kookaburra River Queens new high tea. Two hours of bubbly, immaculate petite fours, ribbon sandwiches, mini rolls and savories.

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Mifune is also the original family name in Speed Racer , also a film by the Wachowskis. Cas played by Gina Torres is the widow of the Nebuchadnezzar 's former pilot Dozer. She lives in Zion with their two young children.

Stolen Child

She also spends time with her sister-in-law Zee , and maintains friendly rapport with Zee's husband Link. Gina Torres was married to Laurence Fishburne , who plays Morpheus. Choi, his latex -clad girlfriend DuJour played by Ada Nicodemou , and several unnamed and unspeaking friends arrive at Neo's door after he had been mysteriously told to "follow the white rabbit".

When Neo notices that Dujour has a tattoo of a white rabbit on the back of her left shoulder, he accepts their offer to go with them to a goth club, where he is approached by Trinity. Going to the club and subsequently waking up late for work the following day set the stage for the rest of the film, though Choi, Dujour, and their friends are never seen or alluded to again. Much of Choi's dialogue foreshadows the rest of the film: "I know. This never happened. You don't exist", "You need to unplug", and "Hallelujah.

You're my savior, man. My own personal Jesus Christ. These names would appear to be inspired by French language; "Choi" and "DuJour" resembles the French phrase " Choix du jour ," meaning "Choice of the day". Councillor Hamann, by his own account to Neo , was freed at age eleven and serves as a councilor for Zion. Hamann holds a disdain for Commander Lock's strictly militia-minded policies and secretly supports Morpheus' belief that Neo is the One.

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Although he does not directly voice these beliefs, Hamann allows the Nebuchadnezzar to leave Zion to contact the Oracle — Hamann explains this to Lock with the statement that he "believes their survival depends on more than how many ships they have", openly demonstrating his disagreement with Lock's reliance on brute force. He enjoys visiting Zion's engineering level, where all of their machines keep their water, oxygen, electricity and heat going. He and Neo visit the engineering level and discuss what the real meaning of control is.

Hamann reveals to Neo his confidence in him and that he fears for the people still trapped in the Matrix. Reagan a. Cypher , played by Joe Pantoliano is a central character in The Matrix. In the first film of the trilogy, Cypher is one of the rebels from Morpheus ' hovercraft, the Nebuchadnezzar. Harshly disillusioned with the grim existence of living on a hovercraft and tired of following Morpheus and his blind faith in the Prophecy, he has begun to wish that he had never learned the truth and left the Matrix in the first place.

This prompts him to strike a deal with the Agents. At the beginning of the movie, he nearly has Trinity killed by allowing Agent Smith to trace one of their phone calls, proving to the Agents that he, "the informant", was legitimate. Cypher secretly meets with Agent Smith once more, agreeing to turn Morpheus over to them if the Agents will return Cypher, rich and famous, to the Matrix power plant with no recollection of the Matrix's true nature.

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While escorting Neo to meet with The Oracle , Cypher activates his cell phone and drops it into a trash can in order to alert the Agents to the group's location. His actions lead to Mouse being killed by the police within the Matrix. Cypher subsequently tricks Tank into providing him with an exit so that he can strike at the crew. He is about to kill Neo and Trinity before Tank, only wounded, regains consciousness and kills him with Cypher's discarded weapon.

Although Cypher admits that he believed he was in love with Trinity, he still attempts to kill her and Neo to further the plan he concocted with Smith. It is then revealed that Agent Smith had no intention of returning Cypher to the Matrix, as he tells his fellow agents that they will continue as planned and proceed to deploy sentinels to destroy the Nebuchadnezzar , and thus betraying the deal between them and going to kill him instead.

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One of Cypher's most famous quotes from the movie is " Ignorance is bliss ", which he says while speaking with Agent Smith, referring to the state of people inside the Matrix. He is the only member of Morpheus' crew who wears sunglasses with oblong lenses, similar to those used by Agents, rather than rounded ones while connected to the Matrix. Although Cypher was killed in the first movie, the Cypherites , an organization depicted in The Matrix Online , carries his belief that the Truth is an unnecessary nightmare.

The Cypherites' primary goal was to be reinserted into the Matrix power plant as Cypher desired. After Agent Gray admits that reinsertion is not possible, the Cypherites' goal is to work as hard as possible to keep the bluepills asleep and to defeat the Zionites and E Pluribus Neo operatives that oppose their goals. It consists of a vast swarm of tiny Sentinels that emerge from hatches in a frame plate to form a three-dimensional image of a human face. It rebuffs him at first, but eventually provides him with a connection to enter the Matrix and fight Smith one last time.

Once Neo allows Smith to assimilate him, Deus Ex Machina sends a power surge through his body and into the Matrix, deleting Smith and all the copies he has made of himself but also killing Neo. Afterward, it has the Machines carry Neo's body away and enacts the truce. Dozer played by Anthony Ray Parker is the pilot of the Nebuchadnezzar , the only hovercraft that appears in the first movie of the Matrix series. In the movie, both Dozer and his younger brother Tank are said to have been born in the real world, in Zion , and are therefore unable to enter The Matrix.

He acts as the pilot and co-ordinator of the Nebuchadnezzar and makes moonshine in his spare time. Dozer is slain when Cypher kills him with a lightning gun and betrays the crew. Dozer was married to Cas and had two young children in Zion. Also living in Zion was his sister Zee.

After his death, Zee's husband Link took the job of operator of the Nebuchadnezzar in respect of Dozer's wishes. Ghost is described by the Wachowskis as an "ascetic Buddhist killer". Ghost's name may be a reference to the phrase " ghost in the machine ", which describes the concept of mind-body dualism. As seen in Enter The Matrix , Ghost and Trinity refer to each other as brother and sister, as they were unplugged from the Matrix on the same day. Ghost's romantic feelings for Trinity are unrequited, since she is in love with Neo , and is content with this path because he subscribes to Nietzsche's doctrine of amor fati.

Ghost is known to be the best gunner in the fleet; he displays this skill of accuracy in Revolutions aboard the Hammer.

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He and Niobe share some of the same parts in Enter The Matrix , though they mostly have different sides to the story. It is also mentioned in the video game that Ghost is the most capable hand-to-hand combatant excluding Neo, before his apparent death in Revolutions currently participating in the war. Due to copyright issues with Anthony Wong [ citation needed ] , Ghost is bald and has been completely shaven of all facial hair. Ghost, along with " the Twins ", are the only recurring characters up-to-date to lack voice actors for The Matrix Online.

Ghost was the first to encounter "Trinity" inside the Matrix after her death, although it was not made clear whether this Trinity was 'real' or a simulation. She was a crew member of the Osiris , and shared an intimate sexual bond with her superior, Captain Thadeus.

She was to send the warning to Zion of the approaching Sentinel Army, but died seconds after completing this mission when the Osiris was destroyed.

A Decadent Affair: A Review of The Affair of the Mysterious Letter – Speculative Chic

Michael Karl Popper a. In The Animatrix , the Kid is an individual connected to the Matrix who is aided in his escape from the Matrix by Neo. At the beginning of his story, part of an online conversation he has with Neo is shown, and it appears to foreshadow the risk he takes at the end of the short:. Kid : Somebody tell me.

Why it feels more real when I dream than when I am awake.


How can I know if my senses are lying? Neo : There is some fiction in your truth, and some truth in your fiction. To know the truth, you must risk everything. Kid : Who are you? Am I alone? Neo : You are not alone. The circumstances of his liberation from the Matrix are unusual; after purposely allowing himself to fall from the top of his school building, he seems to detach himself from the Matrix before he hits the ground.

This is not fully addressed or actually seen within the scope of the film short, but is possibly implied by imagery of birds flying as he fell, as well as subsequent comments by Neo and Trinity after they had retrieved Kid from the real-world power plant:. Trinity : It's unbelievable. I didn't think self-substantiation was possible. Neo : Apparently it is. Before letting himself fall, Kid spoke under his breath, "Neo, I believe.

I know it wasn't a dream".

Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1) Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1)
Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1) Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1)
Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1) Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1)
Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1) Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1)
Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1) Captain, My Captain (Club Decadence Book 1)

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