Diary of Regret

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Love Your Regret

That is perhaps the reason behind the flowery inspirational quotes. No one actually enjoys feelings of guilt. Regret on the other hand is more like a feeling of relief, relief that you finally see, that you are no longer caught in a blind, habitual way of thinking that clearly does not lead to happiness. Guilt would. Guilt would tell you you are in some way a fool, fundamentally flawed, bad.

How can I ruin this day for myself and others? When we begin to see regret as something that is not hurtful, that is so not guilt, we will perhaps open up a little more to our imperfect selves. No growth or lessons at all?

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Then I would just say to journal about the regret. Perhaps on the opposite page your could brainstorm ways to make peace, forgive yourself, or at least live with your regret. Even if they are outlandish or ridiculous…come up with options.



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So it helps to have an accurate picture of your past. Future you will want to look back at this time in your life, and find out what you were actually doing, day-to-day, and how you really felt back then.

It will help you make better decisions. There are certain subjects in your life you think about a lot. People, places, hobbies, health, plans, finances.

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I find it so useful to keep my thoughts on each subject together, because I can see my past thoughts and current thoughts in one place. I can see how my thoughts on this subject have evolved or keep repeating. Sometimes I think I have a new thought on a subject, so I open up the file and write it down, then afterwards I see I had that same thought a year ago and had forgotten about it.

Reading Strangers' Deepest Regrets

If you care about your thoughts, keep them. They can be tiny.

Diary of Regret Diary of Regret
Diary of Regret Diary of Regret
Diary of Regret Diary of Regret
Diary of Regret Diary of Regret
Diary of Regret Diary of Regret

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