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This Day in Horror: CHILD’S PLAY Premiered in theaters

The doll of the Lights Out apparition makes an appearance. Or two. Overtime This Australian short film by filmmakers Craig D. More importantly, this short is an absolute blast and feels like an episode of Tales from the Crypt.

Poor Ralph is stuck working late at the office, but he really needs to make it home before nightfall if he wants to keep his secrets locked away. Connect with us. Share Tweet. Special Day. Meagan Navarro. Related Posts. Click to comment. Exclusives 4 days ago. I love it when films do that! Apart from the podcast, are you involved in the film industry in any other way? Plus you get to meet lots of famouses.

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Finally, what can we expect to see coming up in the future on the podcast, or is it a secret?! What a time to be alive! Heads spinning with Aisha Tyler's directorial debut feature: Axis. Battlestar Galactica's Michael Trucco on learning from his co-stars - then baring all for them.

Simon Cox's kaleidoscope of crowdfunding brings Invasion Planet Earth to life. When the silver screen meets skin with tattoo artist Becky Barker. Craig Singer on ever-shifting audiences and new filmmakers finding their way to keep up.

Horror Short Film "The Doppel Chain" - Presented by ALTER

Engaging in the science of science fiction with Taryn O'Neill. Honest thoughts on acting for stage and screen from Liar star Shelley Conn. Justine Bateman on having the hustle of a director as well as the vision. Casting an eye over the talent of today and tomorrow with Sydney Aldridge. Gareth Graham of Performance Insurance on the importance of protecting your productions.

Mike Muncer screams bloody murder about The Evolution of Horror. Darren Barker. Featured Posts.

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October 6, July 19, October 31, Recent Posts. Belzebuth is gritty, intense, and at times terrifying. This is horror filmmaking at its most stripped down.

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  3. Lesplorazione dello spazio (Farsi unidea) (Italian Edition).
  4. SATANIC PANIC Leads Nominations for SHOCKFEST 12222.

Dora Madison stars as an artist trying to make rent whose agent sucks and whose brain is creatively blocked. If only she knew why she was having these intense cravings, and if only she knew whether they were for more drugs or more blood. Madison gives a full-body, full-mind performance as an increasingly nocturnal woman who will go to great lengths to get her fix and complete her masterpiece.

Behold! The Second Wave Of The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival | toolsdosdidacar.ml

But is the blood sucking real, or is it all just a drug-fueled dream? And either way, can her body and her relationships bear the cost of her newfound manic creative drive? In a movie about a rabid man-eating boar. This is cinema! The feature debut of writer and director Mitzi Peirone is narrative in the form of a quick hallucinogenic trip. Braid is a flawed work, but Peirone commits to going big and weird and wild enough to make this an exciting debut.

see A tight, terrifying film about what happens when a large group of dancers are unknowingly dosed with LSD during a party and then left to survive the waking nightmare unfolding around them. Piranha 3-D and High Tension director Alexandre Aja flexes his creature feature muscles once again under the producing eye of Sam Raimi for this lean, minute disaster thriller and body horror bonanza.

Bloody Disgusting!

Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper are a surprising yet great father-daughter pairing, and in addition to being a break-neck suspense film it also gives you the catchphrase, Apex predator all day, baby! Deep Murder has managed to hack the system. Cheesy dialogue?

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  • The Darkness Between Us (Gay Romance).
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  • Eighteenth-Century Popular Culture: A Selection;
  • Tons of cliches? One-dimensional characters? Hagazussa has been making its way to audiences for a long time. Vulture named it one of its most anticipated horror films of The three friends in Harpoon were supposed to be setting out for an afternoon pleasure cruise, but then an explosive love triangle emerges and the engine quits working and it all goes to hell. The story centers on a woman and her son who left a dangerous situation behind to start over.

    As her son starts changing for the worse, Sarah Seana Kerslake starts losing her grip and must figure out how to break the hold of that gaping, breathing crater — and whatever is inside it. Josh Lobo wrote and directed this haunting little number that combines an unwelcome family homecoming at Christmastime and the smallest-scale battle between good and evil.

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    The fact that writer and director Danishka Esterhazy is able to create such a complete-feeling world with just a few stark hallways and sleeping quarters is a testament to the richness of Level

    Epic Horror Shorts Epic Horror Shorts
    Epic Horror Shorts Epic Horror Shorts
    Epic Horror Shorts Epic Horror Shorts
    Epic Horror Shorts Epic Horror Shorts
    Epic Horror Shorts Epic Horror Shorts

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