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My model combination Used many parts of other models like skeleton,infernal cannon and Fel orc Captain or lieutenant,dont remember the name I have problems with death animation. It can both be used as a unit and as a hero. Keywords: infernal, skeleton, horn, Gorebone, captain, mace. Reputation Statistics.

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It is only when Gorebone and his friends begin to play the game during detention on Sports Day that they realize what awful events they have set in motion. All hell breaks loose, literally: abominations from a childs wildest nightmare tear their way up through the turf of the sports field - in the middle of the egg and spoon race!

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But with the dice rolling and not all of the players actually human, will it be Gorebone or the evil Hob that makes it first to the final square on the board, ominously named The Headmasters Office? Even more worryingly, what will happen when they get there?

And can Gordons armchair-bound grandmother actually help him, even after shes dead? There are macabre thrills and surreal chills to be found, and hopefully a few laughs too. Explore the golf course, where the players have no faces- run from the school swot who turns into a Flyagaric Toadstool with anger issues- join Gordons best mate Freak on the roof of the bike-sheds as he blasts away at grotesque horrors from Doodle Hell with a bespoke Gatling Gun.

The Battle of Barfields Comp has begun Dan designed and created the cover for Gorebone.

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