Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)

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Weltklang – Night of Poetry

This list ignores cognates of this linguistic depth.

Both German and English descend from a single language which is conventionally called Proto-Germanic. The earliest written stages at which the daughter languages that ultimately evolved in to modern German and English are treated as separate languages are denoted Old High German and Old English, respectively. We may represent this in a simple diagram as:. As the languages evolved away from Proto-Germanic in a largely ordered way, there remain a large number of cognates in the two languages that are the result of the evolution of the two languages from Proto-Germanic to their modern, contemporary forms.

In this section we exhibit regular correspondences between modern German and English resulting from their evolution from the common Proto-Germanic mother language.

Appendix:List of German cognates with English - Wiktionary

We can compare the grammar and vocabulary of German and English to each other as well as to that reconstructed for Proto-Germanic using Schleicher's fable originally written in In order to facilitate comprehension of the historic German version and the Proto-Germanic version, modern English and German translations have been placed at the top as an introduction. Lastly, a schematic English word-by-word translation of the modern German version is provided to demonstrate how the ability to identify cognates by detecting regular correspondences can help English speakers when learning German.

For example, in section 1. Historic German version This is Schleicher's translation of his Indogermanic fable. Note: Unlike the modern version above, this text is grammatically incorrect by today's standards.

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English translation of the modern Standard German version using as many recognizable cognates as possible, retaining German sentence structure. Modern English developed from dialects of Middle English that developed within regions of Anglo-Saxon England that experienced the densest settlement of speakers of Old Norse itself a daughter language of Proto-Germanic. The resulting Middle English was therefore heavily influenced by Old Norse, taking words from both Old English and Old Norse, and, where the words in the two languages were very similar, words that were influenced by both.

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She has also published several volumes of poetry such as Grund zu Schafen , Geistersehen and Geliehene Landschaften Jo Shapcott is a British writer, publisher and editor. She studied at St. She teaches creative writing at the Royal Holloway, University of London. She draws on unusual sources, such as pop culture and the sciences to name just two, to describe her topics and images.

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Her latest release, The Transformers , is a collection of lectures she gave at her professorship in Newcastle. Festival for World Literature Jan. Program Authors Concept. Aris Fioretos Curator. Oswald Egger. Christian Kracht. Mara Lee.

Lebogang Mashile. Agi Mishol. Marion Poschmann. Jo Shapcott. Organized by. Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke also participated in a panel discussion.

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    Grund zu Schafen (German Edition) Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)
    Grund zu Schafen (German Edition) Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)
    Grund zu Schafen (German Edition) Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)
    Grund zu Schafen (German Edition) Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)
    Grund zu Schafen (German Edition) Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)
    Grund zu Schafen (German Edition) Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)
    Grund zu Schafen (German Edition) Grund zu Schafen (German Edition)

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