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Their first date is dinner at her house, and he reveals that he knows she is hiding from a husband. Katie then opens up and tells Alex everything, and he accepts her and loves her even more. In the movie, however, their first date is canoeing and getting caught in the rain. Later, Alex sees her picture on a Wanted ad at the police station claiming she is a murder suspect.


He confronts her and is angry with her. He realizes he loves her and stops her from leaving, and then she then tells him everything. One of the biggest changes comes at the end. Alex and Katie then return to her house for the children, unaware that Kevin has also fled to her house.

A Novel Life: Leaving Haven by Kathleen McCleary

Kevin hits Alex with a crowbar and then Katie shoots Kevin and he bleeds to death on her porch. In the movie, however, Alex and Josh are watching fireworks, while Katie and Lexie are at his house. Katie shoots Kevin while he is on top of her and Alex rushes over to her, and then all is well. In the movie, Katie gets a picture of Jo with the letter and that is how she figures out her friend was her angel. In both novel and movie, it is Jo who wakes Katie up to warn her about Kevin during her dream, and it is Jo who helps bring Katie to Alex.

The novel and movie are both typical Nicholas Sparks works, in that it is a dramatic love story.

Everything I Knew About Reading Was Wrong

This particular piece had the potential to show a strong, independent woman who can survive on her own. Publisher: HarperCollins. Kindle Book Release date: October 1, Availability can change throughout the month based on the library's budget. You can still place a hold on the title, and your hold will be automatically filled as soon as the title is available again.


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Science fiction. Fantasy. The universe. And related subjects.

This book is the first in a zombie book series. The world has been plagued by zombies for 25 years, and Temple, a girl too young to remember a time before zombies, is on the run from a killer.

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Now she wanders a nearly barren post-apocalyptic wasteland of a world, in search of some sanctuary and some salvation. Just me? This is another book that is the first in a series of zombie books, only this series also has aliens thrown in as well just to keep things interesting. Alien lifeforms are spreading a zombie-like plague across the world in an attempt to gain control over the planet by pitting humans against one another. In a world destroyed by this disease, Terry and Kendra must travel in a rickety bus across thousands of miles of this zombie-ridden landscape.

Well, besides the sweet pins features on the cover who wants to get those for me? Sign me up.

Teenage Wiccan Mila Flores knows exactly what to do when her best friend and two other girls from school die under mysterious circumstances: bring them back to life so that she can find out who killed them. Unfortunately for Mila, the reanimated corpses have no memory of their deaths, and zombies are easily distracted.

Now Mila has seven days to figure out what happened to these girls before the spell wears off and her undead girl gang has to return to their graves. There are a couple of storylines going on simultaneously in this novel, but the most interesting plot line to me was the story of Jonas, a man immigrating from Haiti to America. On his boat ride over to the U. See what they did there?

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  6. Unlike some of the more serious romance-y horror books on this list, this is another book I would put in that zom-rom-com category that is definitely a thing. Equal parts funny and sweet, this novel tells the story of a zombie man who falls in love with a human woman.

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    Together, they discover the transformative powers of love. And you thought your pregnancy was hard. No horror list is complete without at least one Stephen King novel.

    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel
    Leaving Haven: A Novel Leaving Haven: A Novel

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