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He uses social media to hit on guys, so he needs to keep his profile as impressive as he can. Not that complicated. Sad for West Hollywood. I would like to see the entire City Council replaced. People John Heilman should not be in office since when the city was established. It should always be new citizens with fresh ideas.

Not only will that keep the city as progressive as possible it also helps avoid corruption and entitlement which are definitely issues with the same people in office for so long.

They have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from the developers, sign companies and trash collectors. For over a half a century, their political hack greedy hands have taken anything in the form of a big bucks for pay to play. Let the FBI investigate that! With the forever grandstanding Lindsay Horvath, they make up the Townscape Three. Thank you for that insightful commentary and recognition that Ms. Meister is the exception to the otherwise rule by fools. She does her homework, is prepared for on-point discussion, and has the interests of West Hollywood over ego or quest for higher office.

So would I.

There is no or little civic engagement and no outreach that I see. Take one.

Honorary Mayor Of Hollywood Johnny Grant Dead At 84

Wear it. I am asking you to be the mayor with me. Render yourself and West Hollywood visible.

Having been a long time resident and registered voter in West Hollywood I would like to see City Council to stop being so caught up in expansion with all these can super expensive shiny new buildings with all the accoutrements that come with having to pay an arm and a leg for many single gay men with a single income making it all the more difficult for these single gay men to be able to support themselves.

He was educated at regional pioneer schools with no other formal learning and would forever regret hi s lack of higher education. He started a small meat business in Fort Wayne, sold it and moved to Chicago where he again opened a butcher shop. Soon he moved to San Jose, California, to manage the Swift plant there, and then returned to Chicago.

In he retired, came to Los Angeles and rented a house on Jefferson Street. Looking east at the intersection of Hollywood and Gower. Above is the same intersection today.


The Rich home once stood on the far right corner below the tall billboard. Though the house was too large for two people one child was born to them but died in infancy , eventually 35 relatives arrived in Hollywood beginning with his brother Edwin and his family.

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The home was planned for their hospitality and enjoyment. At this point, Rich who was in his 60s, was a man of medium height, firm build, gray hair and eyes, serious in demeanor, retiring disposition, a sincere Christian gentleman, definite in his opinions though reticent in expression. He looked the efficient business man — mature and experienced, quick and alert always well groomed, meeting everyone with a friendly smile and handshake. Although never a politician, Rich was part of the successful effort to incorporate Hollywood as a sixth class city on November 14, , and was elected as a trustee for the new corporation.

Rich presided over approximately 1, citizens during his term as mayor.

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  3. City of West Hollywood.

Hollywood had only one other mayor, George H. Dunlop , before the community was annexed to the city of Los Angeles in Rich soon recognized real property values and during his thirty years of real estate activity subdivided twenty-three separate tracts in Hollywood, among which were: northeast corner of Bronson and Franklin. Southeast corner of Bronson and Franklin, northeast Hollywood and Vine to Franklin; northeast corner Sunset and Gower, except the corner lot; southeast corner Vine and Sunset; south of Fountain east of Gower; west of Argyle near Selma; the tracts ranging in size from two acres in the last to sixty acres north of Los Feliz.

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Her eyes were so blue and seemed to be always smiling. Lizzie died on May 25, and was buried in the family plot at Hollywood Cemetery. Within a year, Rich was remarried to Sarah Miller , who was also recently widowed. On June 9, , Sanford Rich died at the age of 89, after being diagnosed with pneumonia a few days earlier.

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  • One of our chief strategies was to create and place public service announcements. So, we would do semi annual road shows.

    Honorary “Mayor Of Hollywood” Johnny Grant Dead at 84

    The media folks—and Johnny—were invited for At precisely , Johnny and his entourage from the Chamber of Commerce showed up. To make matters worse, there was a major traffic event on the Freeway so the gap would likely be longer. After introductions, there must have been a cue from the C of C boys because Johnny launched into a story about the time he, Spencer and Kate ran into Mr. By this time, Hanson and I were sitting at a table with the good Mayor waiting for him to take a breath, which he never got around to.

    He was a rolypoly something with a twinkle in his eye, holding court as he had done in that town for 60 years.

    Mayor of Hollywood Mayor of Hollywood
    Mayor of Hollywood Mayor of Hollywood
    Mayor of Hollywood Mayor of Hollywood
    Mayor of Hollywood Mayor of Hollywood
    Mayor of Hollywood Mayor of Hollywood

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