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They can be prosecuted if they ignore it. The charity ASB Help has a section on their website about noise, including tips for gathering evidence and examples of reasonable noise. Anti-social behaviour from neighbours can make life hard and stressful, and it can also be frightening. Authorities like social landlords, councils and the police can apply for injunctions to stop anti-social behaviour, including injunctions that are specific to housing.

A court can make a Criminal Behaviour Orders CBOs if someone is being prosecuted for a crime that involved anti-social behaviour or if that person is known to have engaged in anti-social behaviour. Councils and the police can ask the court to make them.

If the person responsible is a council or housing association tenant, their landlord could take steps to evict them. If you are a council or housing association tenant, your landlord may be able to help you resolve the problem or even re-house you if the anti-social behaviour is particularly bad. Smells, dust or rubbish, from either neighbours or local businesses can also be a problem. Does your neighbour want to extend their house? Have they built something that affects you or your home? In order to make certain changes to a home or property, an application for planning permission needs to be made.

The local authority planning department will then send out a notice to the people they think may be affected by the development to see if there are any objections. If you receive a notice and are not happy with the proposal being made, you should register your objection with the planning department. However, planning permission may not be necessary if the works meet certain conditions.

A smaller extension or outbuilding may not need permission.

If you have a dispute with your neighbour over a shared wall or fence, then these are civil matters. The local authority planning department does not intervene in these matters. Instead, you will have to resolve them yourself by appointing a surveyor or seeking legal advice. We offer support through our free advice line on Lines are open 8am-7pm, days a year. We also have specialist advisers at over local Age UKs. Donate now. Back to top. We use cookies to give you the best experience.

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Resolving neighbour disputes

What can I do about my noisy neighbours? What can I do about my messy neighbours? How can I manage a dispute with my neighbour about planning permission? Take these steps: Try to resolve the problem with your neighbour directly. Not only did he do this, but he rounded up five other committee members who went in with the security guard and the locksmith and turned off the water. They went in en masse as security for each other.

I have never had so many people in my tiny flat. One neighbour took a series of digital photos showing me in graphic detail the extent of the damage, which I could have done without at the time, but forewarned is forearmed, and they did come in handy for the insurance company, who were impressed by their quality.

Apparently, the flat was "a bit smelly" so my neighbours opened a few windows.

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After that, they kept an eye on it until I returned. I returned three weeks later on a Saturday evening. I had no water. On the off chance, I phoned a local plumber and put him in the picture.

Neighbourly - definition of neighbourly by The Free Dictionary

Within 30 minutes he was there and within two hours he had replaced the faulty stopcock and restored all the water functions to normal. I was the envy of all my English friends and relatives when they heard of such a speedy response from a plumber. The moral of the story is to get to know your stopcock and watch for signs that it is nearing the end of its natural life. Also, take out comprehensive insurance, which includes third party. My floorboards are not as flat as they were and I am hoping that they will dry out and flatten out without the upheaval of having them replaced.

However the greatest feel-good factor in all this stems from the fact that people in my building, who did not know me, rallied round and helped so much when I needed it. Without their prompt action and team effort, things could have been a lot more serious. Emails to: weeklyt telegraph. Expat Wealth. Telegraph International Money Transfer. Expat Money. Expat News. Expat Feedback. Expat Life. Expat Picture Galleries. Before You Go. Expat Property. Expat Health.

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Neighbourly Behaviour Neighbourly Behaviour
Neighbourly Behaviour Neighbourly Behaviour
Neighbourly Behaviour Neighbourly Behaviour
Neighbourly Behaviour Neighbourly Behaviour
Neighbourly Behaviour Neighbourly Behaviour
Neighbourly Behaviour Neighbourly Behaviour

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