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It was the first time I noticed the 18 month stint of isolation following my decision to leave university was beginning to wane. The way I feel about that is more complex than it should be.

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Just like loneliness takes time to creep into our lives — a gradual insidious process. You start by making yourself hard to contact. Change your phone number.

Travel and swap locations a few times to throw the compassionate off your trail. Move away to the wrong side of town where the main route to making friends with neighbours is picking up a drug addiction. Do not pick up a drug addiction. Smoke because that provides a convenient out of most situations. And because everyone hates smokers these days. Wait, why are you living alone? Ah right, because housemates, however intolerable, would mean enforced social contact and lower rent which would give you less of an excuse to work all the time.

Why are you working remotely? Because there are no other options in that area. Why are you living there?

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Fuck knows. Go to step groups for people with relationship issues and listen intently, spend a lot of time pondering your own attachment style, again without action. Anyway, you have a cat. Feel guilty and greedy any time someone does spend time with you or offer an invitation because you know they probably know. Turn down most invitations until they dry up. Or two. Two decades of living seemed like plenty of time to figure it all out. Even more so, that to do that would be desirable and beneficial. That old adulthood fantasy came back to me one night as I sat eating cold fish fingers off a chopping board and watching water drip through the living room ceiling the flat where I lived alone with a wheezing cat.

You know something has gone wrong with your life when you find yourself hating Friday evenings and devising elaborate ways to make your work fill more time.

Even as I came closer to that ludicrous fantasy of an impossible adulthood, parts of it began to fall apart. In reality, the parts of my self I dreamed of erasing are features, not bugs. I will never be that person. But I found the first traces of the feeling I sought in the months after moving, when it began to feel like I had a safety net. The space to breathe is still there. The absence of absence.

Loneliness is bad for our health. Now governments around the world are finally tackling it

If you want posts like this dleivered to your inbox every Sunday and a handwritten postcard from me because snail mail is underrated , sign up here. Sign in. Get started. Hot-Off-The-Press Submit. The Opposite of Loneliness. Rosie Leizrowice Follow. It is the absence of absence. In fact, loneliness is so common that researchers have classified the feeling into three main categories:. Situational Loneliness— Maybe you started a new school, moved away from your friends and family, or just have a new schedule that is making it hard for you to connect with the people and places that used to fill your life.

How normal is it to feel lonely?

Situational loneliness occurs when there are changes in your life that cause you to feel isolated. Thankfully, this loneliness often gets better with time as you adapt to your new normal. Developmental Loneliness— It feels like everyone else is moving and shaking without you: acing tests, getting promotions, or starting families. Sometimes, this feeling of being behind—of feeling like everyone is moving on and excelling without you—can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

Loneliness Puts Your Heart at Risk

Sometimes, people feel lonely when they are actually hardly alone at all. Internal loneliness comes from a perception of being alone in any and every situation. Or, maybe you are having trouble finding someone to confide in. There are so many reasons you could be feeling lonely. If you are unable to pinpoint how and why you are experiencing loneliness, think back on if any of these events happened in our life recently:.

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  5. You have avoided social situations because you fear being rejected. You have recently retired, quit your job, or lost your job. You live in an area that is geographically cut-off from the rest of the world. You have been spending an inordinate amount of time on social media. Text if you need to talk with someone. You can also try:. Reach out to friends and family: in this modern world, there are so many ways you can connect with the people who mean the most to you. How are you? Maybe the barista at your local coffee shop who makes you the perfect cup of joe every single day.

    Studies show that being kind towards others can actually make you happier. So, next time you get the perfect cup of coffee or make it safely to your next destination, make sure you say please and thank you. There you have it: a new friend. Find your people: Studies show that finding a community connection can be pivotal for mental wellness. Try a new workout class, start a Quizbowl league, or make a standing brunch date with people you want to prioritize in your life.

    Not sure who your people are or where to find them? Try Meetup. Get a pet: According to science , pets could be beneficial for your mental wellness, decreasing stress and mitigating symptoms of anxiety.

    How can I stop feeling lonely? | Isolation and loneliness | ReachOut Australia

    Spending time with your pet and meeting other people—a loneliness-combatting double whammy. Text a Crisis Counselor at or use the mobile text button below to text from your phone. Text Now. Get Help Text Us. Emotional Abuse. Sexual Abuse.

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