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Taryn, from Chicago, USA, explained her beloved ice-blue Mini Cooper had been involved in a serious wreck which caused the airbags to deploy. She says she was hit in the face with the inflatable at "mph" - which left a perfect lipstick mark on the bag.

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Taryn wrote on Twitter: "If anyone is curious about how well JeffreeStar lipstick holds up - I was just in a car accident and there are lipstick marks on the airbag but my face is OK. Despite being devastated about her car, which was the first one she ever owned, she said: "The clear lipstick stain on the airbag was too funny not to laugh at. She later confirmed her doctors had given her the all-clear, and she recalled the crash saying everything "happened so fast". Taryn added: "[I] felt the impact, then all I could see was the airbag in my face.

When defining a function with the same name multiple times, each such definition is called a clause. In Erlang, clauses always go side by side and are separated by a semicolon ;.

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The last clause is terminated by a dot. In both Erlang and Elixir, a function is not identified only by its name, but by its name and arity. In both examples below, we are defining four different functions all named sum , but with different arity :. Guard expressions provide a concise way to define functions that accept a limited set of values based on some condition. Anonymous functions are first-class values, so they can be passed as arguments to other functions and also can serve as a return value.

Sugar Crash by Elena Aitken

There is a special syntax to allow named functions be treated in the same manner. Elixir supports partial application of functions which can be used to define anonymous functions in a concise way:. The constructs if and case are actually expressions in both Erlang and Elixir, but may be used for control flow as in imperative languages.

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  7. The case construct provides control flow based purely on pattern matching. Elixir also provides an if function that resembles more imperative languages and is useful when you need to check if one clause is true or false:.

    This means that Elixir code can be called from Erlang and vice versa, without the need to write any bindings. All Elixir modules start with the Elixir. It is divided into applications that are placed inside the lib directory, as seen in its source code repository.

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    Since rebar does not recognize such structure, we need to explicitly add to our rebar. This should be enough to invoke Elixir functions straight from your Erlang code.

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    It can be a good exercise to translate them into Elixir. Elixir also provides a Getting Started guide and has documentation available online. Plataformatec offers consulting and development services for companies using Elixir. Eshell V5.

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    Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection) Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection)
    Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection) Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection)
    Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection) Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection)
    Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection) Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection)
    Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection) Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection)
    Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection) Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection)
    Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection) Sugar Crash (The Escape Collection)

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