The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)

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The years she devoted to the study of the flora and fauna of the Dutch colony of Surinam arose from a recommendation: the governor there encouraged Merian to take a research trip through the coastal state. The drawings and objects collected on site by Merian between and formed the basis for a series of 60 copper engravings. Published in in her magnum opus, "Dissertatio de generatione et metamorphosibus insectorum Surinamensium" ill.

Secondly, the ex-libris has been preserved — a copperplate engraving also made by Merian, which suggests that the work was originally owned by someone from her circle. The book of prayers and devotions is decorated with 17 magnificent miniatures in polychrome and gold, eight smaller miniatures and 32 border illuminations.

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Its architectural depictions are knowledgeably executed in a virtuoso manner. This painstakingly illuminated, wide-margined work has not been on the market for almost five decades and is in remarkably good condition. Merian Dissertatio de generatione et metamorphosibus insectorum Surinamensium.

Be Amazing. This painting comes from a Swiss private collection, acquired directly from the artist. Val Bregaglia with a view of the Sciora group.

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Sold for Gouache on paper on canvas. This technique, which penetrates into the depths of the layers of paint, dynamises the composition of the picture and brings to light striking colour tones. The works created in this way are called outrenoir pictures, i. From then on, the artist devoted himself predominantly to landscape painting.

A German museum acquired this significant painting for its collections. Bar trolley, "" model, design for Embru. Sold for CHF 60 Crying Girl. Colour offset print.

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Sold for CHF 31 Wintertag in Randegg. Mixed media on panel. Doppelbild Sie seltsames Licht. Sold for CHF 1 Mio. Typical of this creative phase are both the loose, light-handed execution and the calm, natural motif from a rural area in the north of France. Paysage en Normandie ou Le Poirier. Abendstimmung am Untersee.

This early painting, created near Honfleur, captivates with its exquisite colours. H: 30 cm. Sold for CHF 20 Silver plate. Sold for CHF 36 Coucher de soleil jaune et vert. Eau-forte XX. Coloured aquatint. Sold for CHF 23 Here the influence of calligraphic characters from the Far East becomes particularly clear, but unlike in his outrenoir pictures, the contrast to black plays only a minor role. At the same time, he refers to the enchanting play between illusion and reality in the painting of earlier periods, by presenting the viewer with a depiction of something that does not actually exist.

Sold for 5 H: 42 cm. Sold for 54 Bronze and Favrile-Glas. H: cm. These two bronze-cast goats are exemplary of the artist's realistic depictions, with borrowings from Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

This work was created during her years in Italy, and was acquired by a Swiss museum for its permanent collection. Anniversary chronograph. Sold for CHF 19 Nineteenth state. Drypoint etching. Sold for CHF 26 Through the continuous reworking of the copper plates, motifs are created step by step. The costumes and stage design depicted come from the sketch "Olga-Olga", performed in Bauhaus performance at Dessau. SVintage gelatin silver print.

Taurillon Clemence leather, from the hides of young bulls, makes this bag robust. Its strong orange colour is particularly striking. Sold for CHF 16 This painting was made in the Mendrisiotto region of Ticino.


With key, lock, dust bag and rain cover. In original box. Each of the pendants is set with four small old mine-cut diamonds and ten octagonal diamonds, the total weight of which is 2. Both devoted themselves to the colour experiments of Divisionism. In addition, both artists were united by their deeply felt attachment to their homeland, the Engadine, represented in this picture by two of the local Upper Engadine mountains.

White gold and platinum , 25 g. Woodcut print. Artist's proof. Sold for CHF 8 Born in Lausanne in , and relocating to Paris when he was seventeen, Vallotton created a sensation with his woodcuts at an early age. It is not a coincidence that his graphic oeuvre was the subject of the first monograph about the artist. His intensive period of print work was relatively brief: between and he produced around woodcuts as well as a relatively small number of etchings, lithographs and zincographs, with portraits, landscapes, street scenes and interiors serving as his main focus.

Vallotton also created a large number of book and magazine illustrations and caricatures. His later, sporadic graphic works did not achieve the level of this early and enormously intense creative phase. Les Petites Baigneuses. Portfolio mit 10 Holzschnitten. Portfolio with 10 woodcut prints. He transformed his subjects into flat surfaces, developing his own world of images that were not intended to be representational. During this early period, his unique Vallotton-esque manner culminated in a virtuoso approach to the play of black and white.

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  8. Vallotton used backgrounds and surfaces in an almost casual manner for his play of ornaments. Vallotton attained international success with these works, receiving invitations to multiple exhibitions.

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    The significance of the woodcuts lies not only in their influence on other artists, but also in how effectively the Vallotton-esque pictorial formulas mirror the period: "When a style is as immensely strong as the style of these woodcut vignettes, it comprises more than book illustration. It comprises the entire taste of a time — of a future" Wilhelm Hausenstein. Incidentally, the artist did not limit himself as Meier-Graefe had advised: "Vallotton has made so much of the woodcut that he that he could safely dispense with the ambition to also count as a painter".

    Andy Warhol.

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    Mickey Mouse. Colour screen print with diamond dust. Robert J. Andy Warhol with Myths, New York, From early on, Warhol detected the most powerful motifs of his time — images that capture the modern imagination, as did the gods and goddesses of ancient times.

    Mickey Mouse, created by Walt Disney and his early collaborator, Ub Iwerks, is by far the most recognizable cartoon character in the world.

    The First Time

    Two years later, the first comic book featuring Mickey Mouse was published, beginning an unparalleled triumphal march to fame. Even today, after 90 years, the Mickey Mouse brand is still going strong. Warhol had a sure instinct for the objects of everyday culture. Like a sensitive seismograph, he also incorporated contemporary events, stars and starlets in his art.

    The screen print process proved to be the best technical means for him to produce many repetitive images quickly and effectively. The artist eliminated the technical uniformity of the compositions by overlapping and blurring the original models, creating a cinematic effect on the static images.

    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1) The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)
    The First Time (The Virgin Auctions series Book 1)

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