Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)

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He is less rebellious, and more contemplative and that is due to those he meets at Wynethorpe. He seems to dislike the family's Confessor Father Anselm -- who is a big and smelly proponent of bad teeth, and awful hygiene. Yet, despite that Thomas finds the soul of a man who truly believes in God, and cares about the family he is Confessor, and Spiritual Protector of. The true delight in the story comes from the interaction between young Richard and Brother Thomas who is the much beloved bastard of Eleanor's elder brother Hugh who is off fighting.

Richard has become ill and Eleanor returns home bringing with her Infarmarian sp? Sister Anne and Brother Thomas.

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Thomas finds that his heart is quickly stolen by the little boy who also has endeared himself even to Father Anselm who plays the fierce dragon for the little boy. Thomas becomes fully embraced by Eleanor's family when Richard declares Thomas his 'uncle'. My only problem with the story came towards the end as the murderer was revealed. The confessions were a bit muddled, and I found I had to re-read a few paragraphs to make sense of what was happening.

Even so, I did understand, and it was shocking.

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I am ready for the third tale in this series. April 19, - Published on Amazon. The setting is England. This trio, perhaps because they acknowledge their own faults, are surprisingly real. Eleanor, a noble by birth, chose the convent because she knew she could make a contribution as an administrator and also because she knew that the prayer life might be her salvation.

Sister Anne had led a full life as a married woman before entering the convent, following her husband, who had a sincere religious vocation. Anne brought her knowledge of medicine with her, which made her a valuable member of Eleanor's monastery. Thomas, forced into religious life, found a surprising number of problems that he was uniquely qualified to solve.

Together they uproot evil, either at the monastery or away from it, at Eleanor's brother's castle, as they were in this novel. The details of medieval life that Royal provides as well as the surprisingly modern concerns of her characters make the novels in this series very interesting, as well as accessible to readers who enjoy a good historical mystery.

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Their length, less than two hundred fifty pages, is just right. The plots move along well enough to finish reading in a single sitting. November 5, - Published on Amazon. I am restating my review for this book because it says it all. You will not be disappointed if you select this or any of her books for a good read. Her research, skill in weaving fact and fiction is intriguing and exciting. This genre is not easy to read without becoming bored with stale descriptions and two dimensional scene settings; however, Ms.

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Royal pulls it off. Ms Royal's skills in bringing about the various stages of the novel and building toward an exciting plot and conclusion are worth the read. She has two other novels that are also on the Amazon list and I have read them all. I look forward to more of her clever plots in future books I will also review her other books in the same manner as they are equally delightful stages of her trilogy. October 30, - Published on Amazon.

Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery, #2) by Priscilla Royal

Eleanor, the prioress of Tyndal, is journeying to her home, a castle on the Welsh border, in order to help care for her very ill nephew. Accompanying her is Sister Anne, the best healer in the community, and Thomas, the abbey's priest who has also shown his value as a healer. Their arrival turns the tide and the nephew begins to heal, but then tragedy strikes. The prioress' brother is discovered, bloody and weaponed with a knife, over the body of a family friend, the son of the her father's best friend. Now the trio must turn to discovering the real murderer, and must do it before more victims turn up.

This is a fine novel, combining a nice mystery with a sound knowledge of medieval times. Settle in by a fire and give this book a chance. February 24, - Published on Amazon. Another great addition to the series, the second book, with many more to come. Love the pictures of 12th century life. It really compliments a series I am reading that takes place in Wales at the same time, so I am getting both sides of the life descriptions.

Soon Edward 1 will come on the throne, called "The Hammer of the Scots", so maybe Eleanor and Thomas will go to Scotland for one of their mysteries. In any case, anyone enjoying light mysteries in Medieval times will enjoy this series. While, so far, the villain has been an easy guess, the reason has been a surprise.

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Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime. At Matins, I prayed for a fat deer despite the winter snows. By Terce, God had answered me with a boar and several hare. Thomas laughed. Then you have prayed on horseback while your hounds sang the Office. To find such game when the sun has yet to climb fully above the horizon, you must have been out before dawn!

Like Prioress Eleanor, Robert was in his early twenties, of short stature, and had gray eyes that sparkled with intelligence and humor.

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Unlike Prioress Eleanor, he was wiry, muscular, and sported a curly black beard. Then all brightness faded from his eyes. Robert spun around. If you are so fortunate, he may even deem you a good replacement for the Welsh dragon. Your red hair might warrant such a conclusion. We have heard that he is in good health, however, from those to whom he has given generously—returning soldiers, motley friars, and assorted beggars. We are most fortunate that they remember his kindness well and do bring us word of him.

Nonetheless, he will not return home until the Lord Edward comes back to England. Robert had shown both inclination and even greater talent for the work, if a loving sister could be considered a fair judge. I am not destined to become your new prior at Tyndal.

Unlike you, neither Hugh nor I is inclined to a contemplative vocation, good monk. A sister already encloistered provides intercession with God and prayers enough on behalf of this family and its sins! Have you not seen the family or passed them in the hall outside your quarters? They are near enough to the room you share with our priest. Henry you might not have seen for he and I rest, if such is possible, in the barracks. There is no other accommodation for us over the dining hall.

Sister Anne, our prioress, and I have all been with Richard day and night, taking turns with his care until the fever broke. Even our meals were taken in his sick room. Most nights I have watched over the boy to allow the women to sleep.

Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)
Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)
Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)
Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)
Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)
Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)
Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)
Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2) Tyrant of the Mind (Medieval Mystery Book 2)

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