William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)

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To be honest, it felt a little expensive. It was issued with two differently tinted soft-covers; red ink on beige paper and blue ink on pink paper along with a numbered and signed special edition. The cover art with its strong notion of the diagonal in the manner of the avant-garde, the abstracted wood-cut illustration and the simple, yet spectacular printing technique make this book such a unique piece. Spontaneous rough-and-ready books have a certain erotic appeal.

This one from has the pre-digital warmth of a scissors-and-copy-machine layout. I fell in love with this book some time ago and was hunting for it since I saw it in a second hand store — unfortunately far too highly priced fig. Last week I shot a rare copy with horizontal instead of vertical stripes fig. The duty of a dustcover to convey information is driven to extremes in this book.

Disproportionately filling in all the space, the designers Armand Mevis and Linda van Deursen list all the publishing information in typewriter characters. Two masters performing a great book: Franz Greno, book design and typography; Hans Hillmann, images. A simple strong idea organizes the layout — the rest is typographic and tactile sensibility. This catalogue, printed on one side coated affiche paper, stands apart from the usual art book production.

The Cambridge History of Christianity

I travel to Stockholm, Sweden a couple of times every year. I always find this book at my room. This year, under a copper foiled wrap there was a beautiful cloth cover with debossed details and nice complementary colors. I came across this book on pasta in a dusty Zurich shop; I could tell by the spine alone that it was special as is often the case. The entire book is printed in a single red ink, on a buff colored stock.

The type is set discreetly but with personality. The real pleasure of the book is the pasta imagery photos and silhouettes shown in elevation, and sometimes in section as well. Its tactile quality is magnificent, the refined Gill typography is a delight. At the age of 12 he was introduced to lithography. In Mexico City he worked for the publishing house of Antonio Vanegas Arroyo and opened his own studio.

After the Mexican Revolution Posada put himself in service of the people. Where did I find it? Designed with sensitivity and love by Laurent Fetis. Despite the baroque presence of its sponsor on the title page, this art guide is quite nice. I enjoyed the courageous combination of fonts: Arial, Akzidenz, Le Monde livre. For me, issue 2 of Neue Grafik is particularly impressive.

Steinbach-Langenbach "Irish Summer" - Angelo Kelly & Family

While riding in a bus, Ellsworth Kelly made these drawings, recording shapes, finely resonating with this great Moholy-Nagy cover. After Bregenz, Zurich. As always, I found some nice books. On one of my favourite saxophonists Kaoru Abe. Chance operations can help your design process, the I Ching too. A cover I like a lot for its almost-no-design quality.

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This small but excellently made catalogue was designed by Armin Hofmann. I still use this out of date architectural guide from A small booklet that Carsten Horn, a fellow student, made and gave me as a birthday present 20 years ago. Well guys, your unjustified setting could be far better.

The printing deep, matte gravure on coated paper is absolutely adorable. Thinking of Chris Marker. Richard von Sichowsky, the designer of this book with texts on type from two centuries, was an exciting typographer. His timeless work is in a class of its own letterpress printing with 7 different typefaces for 7 sections — excellent choice of materials.

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Mendelsohn went to America with his Leica, and revolutionized architectural photography with his elaborate snapshots. The future of design education? In my opinion, Urs Lehni is completely mistaken here.

Here is the foundation of design education: 1. Learn the rules in practical excercise 2. Of course Zurich also means book shopping. Another beauty printed in colour! Nothing new: Bosshard and Hochuli are heavily involved with dogma discussions — I wish there were still some around. My only reservation — as so often — concerns the binding. Printed throughout on red paper. In many ways primarily content-wise a remarkable book with nice ageing, except for the wrong grain direction of the paper.

Or this one from — another member of the Neobond family with 4 individually designed parts — here the one by Karl Gerstner. I have a certain affection for book jackets printed on Neobond. It was really an epiphany, the moment I saw this album in a second-hand bookstore! Hey type geeks, wake up The bible of counterculture — providing encyclopedic, anti-consumerist access to tools and knowledge.

Dear Paul Shaw, I really enjoyed your report on the NY Subway System, especially this little red subway sign, but what happened to the left-hand column on the back? Recommended reading — not least for our education ministry designed by Philipp Luidl, published by typographische. Christian Chruxin is a totally underrated German designer. Happy Easter! Davidson, Baernstein , P. Bahlke , Joachim , and Strohmeyer , Arno eds. Bailey , Richard G. Church History 59 : — Bailey , G. Bailey , Michael D. Baillet , Adrien , Vie de Monsieur Descartes ; rpt. Hildesheim : Olms, Bainton , Roland H.

Church History 1 : 67— Nine biographical studies Philadelphia : The Westminster Press, Baker , J. Bangs , C.

Professor of German with Comparative Literature

Barbers , Meinulf , Toleranz bei Sebastian Franck. Untersuchungen zur allgemeinen Religionsgeschichte. Barge , Hermann , Andreas Bodenstein von Carlstadt. Leipzig : Friedrich Brandstetter, Baring , Georg and Fellmann , Walter eds. In Osler , Margaret ed. Barnadas , Josep M.

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In Dussel , Enrique et al. In Dover , Robert V. Baronius , C. Marc Lescarbot Paris : C. Morel, Barta , G. Cardinalis tituli S.

William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)
William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)
William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)
William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)
William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)
William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)
William Kelly - sein Leben und Werk (German Edition)

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